Our First 30-Day Challenge!

Hi! Brother Tony O here. Today, we’re launching our first 30-Day Challenge… actually, it’s just our “pre-launch” and we’re asking for your help to ‘work out the kinks’. In exchange, we’ll knock $5 off our 30-Day Challenge fee of $30. Interested? I hope so.

This 30-Day Challenge is aimed at getting you to create a following of at least 1,000 ACTIVELY-ENGAGED people on Instagram. Even if you already have an account(s) — and will certainly use what you learn during the challenge to ‘step up your game’ with your existing account — we want you to come up with a brand new idea for a brand new account to use with this challenge. Starting from scratch, you won’t have any doubts of the effectiveness of what you’re learning in this challenge. Plus, if all you have is your personal account, you might not want thousands of new followers. Don’t worry, it’s easy to manage multiple Instagram accounts with your phone. 🙂

The first seven days, you’ll get your new Instagram account set-up, step-by-step, and you’ll begin to develop a daily routine. We know you have a life to live so this challenge only demands that you devote 15 minutes per day to building your Instagram following.

Why? Why should you be doing this… today? Because you have things you care about. Most of those things, whether for yourself or to help other people, require money. If you take this step and buy into this challenge, we’ll show you how you can be earning more money with minimum ‘sweat’ within a few days. (Today, even — if you’re the self-motivated type!)

Just click here if you’re ready to join the challenge and we’ll get you going today!

Of course, we’re backing the challenge with a guarantee… a 60-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. That means you have a full thirty days AFTER completing the challenge to tell us you didn’t feel like we delivered on our promise to you and you want a refund.

By the way, if you’re going to accept this 30-Day Instagram Challenge, don’t share this post yet. Once you’re ‘in’, we’ll give you your own encoded hyperlink to share. This will help us by showing who’s really backing what we’re doing and will give us an opportunity to show you our gratitude for your decision to trust us enough to build a relationship with us.

Thanks for investing a few minutes of your day in checking out our challenge! 🙂
Brother Tony O
Engagement Director for itworksforme.ws

A quick note about opportunity cost: every day that you delay building your following online, is a day that you’ve fallen further behind financially. In other words, there’s a lot of money being made right now and he/she who hesitates can’t go back to grab the money that was ‘left on the table’. Be a person of action. >>Join us now<< Use can use our contact form to ask us questions. Thanks for your help getting itworksforme.ws ready for our 2017 Grand Opening.

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